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Nutrition Advisor


Derek Somerville
Certified Advance Sports Nutritional Advisor
USATF Certified Track and Field Coach
Run Coaching and Nutritional Planning 

Eating healthy doesn't mean that food is destined to be boring and tasteless. Get creative and get ready for some amazing meals!

Eating healthy doesn’t mean that food is destined to be boring and tasteless. Get creative and get ready for some amazing meals!



I create custom nutrition plans based on individual needs including body type, personal goals, budget, time and, at least speaking for myself, the ability to “cheat” and still see results. I am certified as an Advanced Sports Nutrition Advisor from the Health Sciences Academy based in the U.K. granting me access to a plethora of nutritional resources.

After receiving some basic information and a one week food intake form, I  develop an individualized plan. Without good nutrition, our bodies cannot optimally reap the benefits of our hard work in the gym, on the track, the roads, the trail or our own backyards.

No diet plan will work. A nutrition plan on the other hand encourages a change in diet lifestyle which is what is truly needed for long term results. The focus is on reducing processed foods and reducing sugar intake while maintaining an active lifestyle. I can show you how good nutrition can save you time, improve your energy and of course improve your health.


Nutrition Advising: Price List
In person or online

$125 for assessment and standard 4 week program that includes meal recommendations for 1 week with coaching as desired and access to a working document for self learning and modifications given a database of foods.


Derek has always helped me with my running needs, whether it be from the types of shoes I should look into, to what my daily nutritional goals should be. His guidance has helped me accomplish SO many goals I didn’t know I was ever capable of achieving on my own! I cannot wait to see what ELSE my mind, body, and soul GETS to endure!

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& Menu Planning
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