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In addition to individual coaching, I offer a class schedule that works on a monthly and “drop in” basis. I believe group work can be more fun and it’s a good way to meet other people with similar interests.

Classes are focused with specific program goals to be met each class.


RUN Strong Class

The RUN Strong classes are developed to bring clients through a progression of exercises geared towards running specific strengthening and developing improved form and speed through strength.


Conditioning Class

Conditioning classes are developed to work on aerobic capacity endurance and are more generalized.

Classes may include the use of an agility ladder, agility balls or mini hurdles within conditioning “medleys” that also include standard movements such as push ups, burpees or jumping jacks.

All conditioning classes can be modified to meet anyone’s level of fitness.

RUN Strong Classes

Tuesdays and Thursdays:    6:00 am
Saturdays:                              6:00 am
Sundays:                                 5:30 pm



Saturdays:                           7:00 am
Sundays:                              6:30 pm

***Please contact me in advance to reserve a spot as the classes grow***

All classes are held at
Granite Barbell
3020 NY-207 Campbell Hall, NY 10916 


Unlimited Classes: $100 per month

Drop in: $15 per class

*** First Class FREE***

*** Individual clients receive unlimited classes for free

Running, conditioning, agility and nutrition coaching that benefits all athletes from beginners to advanced, from 8 to 80

Kettlebell Squats

Sled Drag

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