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Derek Somerville
Certified Advance Sports Nutritional Advisor
USATF Certified Track and Field Coach

Run Coaching and Nutritional Planning 




I often hear that running just isn’t enjoyable, hurts, or that it has become a stress in the lives of those training specifically for a foot race at any given distance. My goal is to remove the stress of focusing on miles and pace during every training session and redirect a client’s attention to the fact that by being active they are already ahead of the game. Sure, there is a time to get intense but training can be enjoyable and effective.

I work to coach individually and within groups to maintain focus on individual goals and how to achieve them safely and without injury. The main directive is that the client gets what they want out of their training.

Accessory and “prehabilitation” work addresses potential deficits in running/walking gait with attention to improving running/walking form.

Hill repeat work… just what it sounds like. I will run up and down a hill with you for a standard 20 minutes of maximal effort for an intense and extremely effective workout.

Track workouts include a variety of objective distance and timed tests, agility work, speed work and may include accessory work as well.

Long runs include me coming out with you to provide coaching and even aid as necessary. I am more than happy to be out there as many hours as it takes. *Scheduled at least 1 week ahead of time.

I used to just “get through my miles”.  Now, I enjoy every last step and I want to share this with others so they never have to “get through their training”.  Along with my running experience, I bring 12 years of experience in the rehabilitation and healthcare industry and can provide safe running and injury prevention programs for any level of runner.


Run Coaching: Price List
In person one on one coaching, initial assessment and training sessions

$300.  12 individual sessions per week for 4 weeks which may include accessory and “prehabilitation” work, long runs, hill repeat sessions and track workouts.

***Strength and accessory work training takes place at Granite Barbell in Campbell Hall, NY.

***Ask me about student and military discounts applicable to grade school and college students and active or retired military personnel

Dedication, discipline, pacing, balance and smart running are just some of the few things I have learned from Derek.   I’m honored to be able to experience your amazing accomplishments with your running and pacing. Not just your sub 3’s but helping others with their pace. It’s awesome that you adjust to whatever pace of the person you are running with.   Running is a continuous learning process. Derek thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences. You’re always so supportive and positive to others to help achieve reaching your goals. Thank you for everything. Rock and Pace ON!!

Tara Woodard

Running Coach Program
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